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The Gargano National Park is a protected natural area, a veritable ecosystem of over 400 hectares. One of the largest and most beautiful parks in Europe, it is famous for its ancient plants – Beech Trees, Cedars and Oaks – and for its rare fauna – Fallow Deer, Foxes and Wild Cats.


It comprises the Tremiti Islands – a marine reserve – the Protected Marine Area and the Umbrian Forest Nature Reserve.

From the Apulian Gargano coast to the Tremiti Islands

The Gargano is a paradise for seaside holidays with a pleasant and cool climate, a constant breeze, crystal clear water and golden sandy beaches, also for sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and diving enthusiasts.

The only promontory in Apulia, the Gargano slopes down to the sea giving rise, to the South – to the beautiful Gulf of Manfredonia. The area, which is part of the Gargano National Park, includes the Umbrian Forest, the Protected Marine Area and the Tremiti Islands. Sandy beaches and towering cliffs provide the backdrop for ancient hamlets and villages.

Panoramic roads follow the Gargano coasts, from North to South, winding through very different landscapes. Rodi Garganico is the stretch of sand that separates the sea from two lakes, the Lesina and the Varano. Peschici with its charming hamlet is one of the most beautiful bays in Italy, and further South among the beaches and coves, Manaccore Bay, and the tourist resort par excellence of this area: Vieste.

With its white houses, alleys and Mediterranean vegetation it is dominated by the imposing Pizzomunno, a large vertical rock embedded in the sand.

Continuing we come to Vignanotica Bay, Campi Bay and, finally, Zagare Bay, an inlet with crystal clear water with its 2 characteristic stacks just a few metres from the shore. In this stretch of coast visit the caves, accessible by sea excursions, such as the Cave of Dreams, Cave of Bats and Smugglers Cave.

The Charm and History of Vieste

Founded by the Greeks, it has gone through Roman, Byzantine, Lombard and Borbonic domination, each of which has left traces in its monuments and urban architecture. In Vieste you can visit the medieval hamlet with its narrow streets and white houses, connected by buttress arches, the Castle built by Federico II in 1240, let yourself be moved by the wonderful panorama of the sea, the Cathedral, a remarkable example of 11th century Apulian architecture and the mysterious sour stone, or chianca, where the pirate Draguth Rais had his enemies decapitated.

Main Events in Vieste

23 April – procession of San Giorgio, with fireworks, horse race on the castle beach and concerts
9 May – festival of the patron saint Santa Maria di Merino, with procession and fireworks
August – blue-fish feast
1st Saturday in September – Santa Maria Stella Maris festival, with journey of the Madonna by boat
September – pilgrimage along the old pilgrim trail of Sammechelere, in the heart of the Gargano National Park.
Christmas – living nativities in Vieste and nearby villages.

Cultural, Nature and Sports Tourism

  • 900 m: The Salata, WWF reserve, with early Christian tombs, with a sea cave
  • 700 m: the sea of Vieste with its various beaches…
  • 6 km: Vieste and its old city centre: Civic Museum – Malacological Museum – Cathedral – Svevo Castle and poetic view of Pizzomunno
  • 11 km: Peschici, with its beaches, old city centre, caves
  • 30 km: Rodi Garganico with the new port
  • 35 km: in the hinterland, Vico del Gargano, the city of love, with Castle, city walls and old city centre
  • 50 km: the lakes of Varano and Lesina
  • 40 km: Mattinata with its beaches, the delightful town and 2 important archaeological sites, Monte Saraceno and Agnuli.
  • 60 km: Monte Sant’Angelo
  • 90 km: San Giovanni Rotondo, with the sanctuary of Padre Pio
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